● Culture
“Minoyaki” expresses Japanese culture … and Japanese spirit.
Japanese cuisine requires dedication to the finest details …sensitivity…
Excellent colors and layouts brought out by painstaking attention to details
A satisfyingly wide variety of healthy dishes available
Enjoy healthy meals in a superb dining space!
Now is the time to introduce an aspect of “Cool Japan” into your life… food, tableware, space…

● High quality
We offer high quality items produced with world-renowned excellent skills.

● A wide selection of items
More than 30,000 different varieties of tableware items can match any food menus.

● Functional properties
Thin, heatproof, antibacterial, easy to clean…
Various functional properties of our items make your dining space more comfortable.
● Sufficient production capacity
We have sufficient production capacity to meet orders from around the world.

● Suitable for all kinds of cuisines
Minoyaki” (produced in the Mino area, Gifu Prefecture, Japan) items are suitable for all kinds of cuisines―Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Asian, American, etc.

● Image enhancement
Why not enhance the image of your dining space with sophisticated tableware?
Restaurants, hotels, food courts, coffee shops, etc.

● Make your dining space more attractive
Make your dining space more attractive to satisfy your guests with our newly-designed items available in a rich base color variation..

● Add extra value
Wonderful tableware makes your dishes look more delectable and appealing.
Adding extra value is expected to increase prices of your menus and sales per customer.

● Suitable for catering service
Using gorgeous tableware for your catering service can help you win a better reputation.
Lightweight, ultra-hard “Minoyaki” items are durable and hard to break and can help you reduce running costs.

● Selection advice
If you are not sure about which tableware items to select, you can consult our adviser. Our adviser will introduce items that perfectly match the design of your dining space.

● Japan’s largest producer
Toki City, Gifu Prefecture is Japan’s largest producer of pottery and porcelain tableware. The Toki City Wholesale Pottery Association sells “Minoyaki”, one of the most famous pottery and porcelain products in Japan, to Japanese and overseas customers.

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